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Futurama - erotic comics fan - The Boil Identity (Pieter Antonissen) english

Leela's boil Susan and her identity, how she became attached to Leela, and her new goal in life.

(complete) 54pic - 38mb + bonus

Futurama - erotic comics fan - When Disastrions Strike Back (Pieter Antonissen) english

Mysterious markings appear on Leela's lower back. Soon however she is not the only one and the Planet Express crew has to investigate but find their actions hindered by an evil allien race.

(complete) 89pic - 48mb

Futurama - erotic comics fan - Four Better or For Worse (Pieter Antonissen) english

A spoof several tropical island movies such as Tanya's Island (Vanity), Cast Away (Tom Hanks) and Castaway (Oliver Reed & Amanda Donohoe), Three (Kelly Brook & Billy Zane) and the like; and a look at the relationship between Fry and Leela.

113pic+cover 92mb